Racket Boys (K-drama 2021)

The series is about a middle school badminton club at Haenam Seo Middle School, which is in bad shape. It tells the story of several boys and girls facing challenges as they train to become national level badminton players and how they grow as they participate in a junior athletic championship. Yoon Hyeon-Jong (Kim Sang-kyung), a former badminton athlete, and Ra Yeong-ja (Oh Na-ra), a legendary badminton player, now coach these boys and girls, who dream of becoming badminton idols.

I didn’t expect Racket boys will give me so much fun. It’s totally refreshing and charming. It has a solid foundation in comes of humor and total package story of sports, friendships, dreams and relationship. I like every character they portrayed, it’s easy to follow and the development is plausible.

It makes me realize how nice it must be to be a sport minded person. I appreciate all the badminton-related scenes and find it very entertaining. I like the bunch of this teenager who set with different kinds of personality and somehow you can relate to them.

I would say the plot is not extraordinary, but somehow special. It is an inspiration to those who are chasing their dreams. The side story is so pleasing to watch too, it shows how community relationship gives a positive impact to our lives.

This show will give you laugher and sense of belongingness.

Verdict: 10/10

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