DEVIL JUDGE (K-drama 2021)

The series is set in a dystopian version of South Korea, where people harbor hatred towards their leaders and live in chaos. Trials are held through a courtroom live show aired on television, where three judges come together to bring justice and peace.

What I appreciate in this drama is the acting abilities of all the cast. Performance-wise, there is nothing to complain, even the villain’s character is engaging, you will surely hate them. Devil judge is very intriguing in a sense that the trials in the courtroom are live and people can vote for their judgement. Though I find it unrealistic, still I’m quite satisfied even in this drama to see all the guilty offenders are punished both by judges and the people. Also, I like the cinematic visuals and special effects done by the show, it adds on to the thriller vibe of the context.

Though the plot twist is dramatic, there are few episodes became repetitive and static. Some characters developed in a slow paced while the minority is unnecessary. I can say that devil judge has its own flaws, but it has a satisfyingly note of what is a true vengeance all about.

Overall, there is no regret of watching this drama.

Verdict: 9/10

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