Over the past few days, I had to deal with a very frustrating situation that I could never have imagined. My world feels like it is about to fall apart in front of me and there is no way out. Do you know what have I wished for? I would like to wake up every morning with gratitude and be as uncomplicated as possible in my life. It was the moment I realized how much the problem was eating me alive, that I longed for the day of joy and smile.

I am a little okay now and I hope for more better days. Certainly, we should seize the moment of everyday, but be cautious and responsible for the things we do not wish to happen. Regret is painful. Getting back to where you were is impossible. 

God bless us all.


  1. Gratitude is everything. Practicing it every day turned my life around. Just take a moment to be in the present, really cling to the moment, no matter how worried you are about the future, and think about the things you’re grateful for. You’ll feel better.

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