As I watched my father took my mother by the arm while carefully walking towards our car, it hit me almost unbelievable how much they were aging. Seeing them like that makes me emotional. It gives me the fear. I started to feel disquiet when my mom was hospitalized and both of them got covid. While looking at their backs, I wondered where those powerful arms had gone. I thought they were invincible forever. I failed to notice the strong, active and young parents seemed to me is already changing.

Seeing my parents getting old made me pray every day that God will give them more strength and be healthy for a longer time. That they could enjoy many days of their lives and we could always be together. If I could turn back the clock, I should have stayed with them regardless of how hard my life was before. I would like to buy them more things instead of medicines and treatments. I should have travelled with them and not just for my own venture. I know I should have realized this earlier, but there is no going back.

Moving on, I look always forward every chance I could to make more time to spend with them. And I hope you do too. Let’s not focus only seeing our own kids or ourselves grow older that we have lost sight of the fact that our own parents are also growing old.

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