Dear Mr. Idle

If I am not mistaken, you have been working with us for more than a year now. Yes, I still remember the day I was tasked with teaching you everything from scratch. Given your experience and knowledge, I had expected that this would last six months, but to this day, I am still struggling with you.

I’m so pissed off with you right now, that I can’t even close my eyes to sleep, that I’m drawing off my emotions. I want to show you my middle finger. You can lick it till you realize what kind of employee you are. And since you cannot judge for yourself, I will do it for you.   

Mr. Idle, you are the most lazy colleague I have ever met in my entire life. You don’t have the initiative, the urgency, the willingness, the responsibility for your work. In one sense, common sense is not common to you. Seeing how you work every day is a hassle and overload. To trust you at work will put me in trouble, not now, but one day.  You are ungrateful and shameless to someone who hired you and saved you from destitution. You don’t know how to pay back.   

I don’t hate you as a person, but as a fellow worker who doesn’t deserve to receive a paycheck on time. I hope you not to be jobless, but to take you out of our team and relocate to where you are best suited. 

You must wake up before your realization sets in and you regret it. I have almost no patience left for you right now.  Best of luck.


Ms. Busy


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