When have you felt underrated? What caused you to go into a frenzy after you were hit by that trigger?

Lately, I have felt undervalued both professionally and personally. In my haste for the moment, I almost forgot I’m not the center of anyone’s universe, much less that my skills are sufficient from someone else’s perspective. I am frustrated. Being unloved. I was used. Downplayed. Incompetent. The best thing I’ve done for my headspace is keep it empty, waiting for confirmation that the universe will use me for my benefit. That is my arrogance.

What is wrong with me? I thought my mental strength was enough to keep my head, shake my insecurities, my fear, my anxiety, myself uncertainty. Why I couldn’t grow, leave my comfort zone, drop the relationship that made out the worst of me, change my workplace that could no longer be helping me to achieve my goal. Why am I without willpower? Confidence? Afraid of failing? This weakness is standing in the way of my victory.

Despite my reliance on God’s mercy, passiveness is my refuge. My thoughts are full of disposition, but they’re just freezing around in my head. I want to go forward, but procrastination is my comrade.

Please wake me up. I cannot afford to sleep any longer. I don’t like what is happening right now.

Smack me in the head for all I care.


  1. I don’t know your age, but I can tell you that when I was a young woman, you could well be describing me. Girls are not taught to be strong and stand up for theirselves the way boys are, so many lack any confidence and feel unworthy. But let me say, and I hope it helps, that as you grow older, you will grow stronger and learn to appreciate your self worth. My ah-ha moment came when I was deliberating a career decision, and I asked myself, “What is the worst than can happen if you do this particular thing? Will you get your head cut off?” Realizing that making hard decisions didn’t mean my world would end was a big step forward for me.


  2. I understand how you feel. And have felt the same many times. I can’t give you words to help, especially ones that don’t sound trite, but wishes that you can find strength, and friends who value your contributions to help you lift yourself up.


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