I started moving out of my comfort zone only a few years ago as I took up a job in another country.  It is a very disturbing yet courageous act as I was living in a very sheltered life with my parents.  It was something new to stand alone, pay all your bills, and be able to survive and grow.

I do believe that being alone is quite frightening, but most of the time I enjoyed it of living without strings, that’s why I have the grounds why I like to be alone for relatively moment of my time, such as;

I can be selfish about everything. I have no one to answer to. I don’t have to check with anyone to do anything.  I can clean up or be messy around myself.  No one tells me what to do. Nobody there to NAG. No arguments. Eat what I want. Sleep and wake up when I want. I can come late at night at home. You don’t have any curfews and are basically at your own mercy. Fewer chores to do. I don’t have to ask permission. INDEPENDENCE. SOLITUDE. I am the QUEEN of my own castle.

For me, the importance of  SOLITUDE is a way of controlling and managing my mind. I believe that INDEPENDENCE of mind and lifestyle can lead to productivity and fulfillment. Being myself will help me appreciate the company of others as well.

Being alone without being lonely is a reward for yourself.


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