Badge of Parenthood

What is good Parenting? What does it take to be a good parent today, especially if you work abroad and away from your children?

They said, the best thing to spend on your children is your time. You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once.  How am I supposed to react to this? Can single parenting lend an excuse from this unwavering quote?

I feel so unjustly right in this kind of situation, but extra suffocating when others think that my means to liven up my family is a mistake.  How it became a fault when you only desired for them to have a comfortable life?  Am I a bad parent if my children didn’t reciprocate my sacrifices and become one problem of our society?  How can we justify this? How can I become a good parent out of this?

My 14 year old, claiming himself as a good son.

 Having a long distance relationship with my son is crucial and painful. It took him a lot of courage and wide understanding of the situation. He became someone not on his age to soothe these things out, but so far he handles it with good care.

I would accept that there is always lack of physical attention to each other. I have the guilt in my gut and do self-loathe all the time, but I wonder if I don’t have the ability and desire to give him a promising future, where he could be? Is just love enough by equipping to raise him? How can you call love without sacrifices?

Parenting will not teach you how to become a good parent, but it will teach you how to fail and stood up, and that is my badge.

It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts. —The Dalai Lama


  1. Parenting, whether single or as a couple, must be the hardest job in the world. We all mess up. All we can do is the best – and never stop loving our kids.

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  2. Mothering and fathering four kids by myself was very challenging. I had a lot of opportunities for overseas work, yet, opted to stay with the children and did everything to provide the basics, literally the basics. They grew up with this principle, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” 🙂
    Happy single parenting!

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  3. A lot of feelings within the words of this post. I have been my kids the majority of their lives, but it does not make me any better. I mess up so much. The times I have to go away and return there becomes a closer bond between us.

    Every family situation is different. And reading this post, I am sure your kids know how much you care for them. Keep going strong! 🙂

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  4. I have much to as in response to this post – but instill try and limit it – because too long is not ideal for comment sections ! Hah!

    My first thought is that parenting can be done from a distance – maybe not with toddlers and younger ones- and while all ages need our presence and our touch – and while many moments nuts happen – from my experience as s teacher – counselor – and mom – and aunt — well it comes down to th support system you offer – even if limited – your attempts can meet needs and you can parent through emails, texts, calls, face time, etc.

    The parent child bond is based in relationship development and this can be done while living abroad –

    And I have counseled some parents over the years – many stay at home moms who lost their identity and had other stagnant issues – and in their presence and availability – they not necessarily better in their parenting role – esp with little to give

    And there is something to be said for employment – for providing – and for also taking a job you like – because while parenting is an honor and a gift – we can a gaily give more essence as a pad to when we stay fully alive –
    And when we talk about the ways to overcome challenges – cos while you’re might be distance in miles – other families have different hurdles – but nobody has it perfecto – some have it a little better – but never perfect –

    Anyhow – be encouraged and keep finding small ways to bond and keep talking about all that you both have – the parent child bond could end up being better than if you were there – sometimes this happens – 😉

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    • I really appreciate your comment, it lifted me up. I can use your words against people who don’t fathom what is the reality nowadays so that they would understand. Thank you very much. I might be coming back for more advice from you. 🙂

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      • Oh what a nice reply / and it would be my pleasure – so you know wher to find me (my blog) and I know exactly what you mean as to how people don’t understand things – sometimes it is delusion – or stubbornness – or narrow minded scope – and then other times it is maturity and lack of growth – and so I think I have a lot more grace these days – for those who don’t get certain human things – hm
        have a nice day

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