Aliwagwag Falls is one of the most visited natural attractions in Davao Oriental, Philippines.  It is also considered as the country’s highest waterfalls. It has s a series of more than 130 cascading waterfalls with different rock formations, shapes, and various heights.  Aliwagwag falls looks like a stairway to heaven that’s why it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines.”


My friends and I went to this falls in the midst of approaching typhoon in Mindanao, Philippines.  At that time of travel, there was a low-pressure area consisted with rains and massive winds.

I admit it was a little scary to travel because we need to pass some places which prone to a landslide on the mountain or the rock falls. Since we don’t have much free time after the holiday break, still we went there with full of excitement.


We arrived at noon time safe and sound.

Because of the typhoon, Aliwagwag falls water current was so madly strong and it was really dangerous at that moment to enjoy the majestic flow.


We were instructed that we can still swim in some parts of the falls where it was safe and it was on the top view.


Despite the bad weather, we’re still able to visit the splendid falls and enjoy the scenery. Aside from that, I was with my son and good friends to complete the fun we hoped to experience.



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