Have you known someone who always expressing their opinion as if it were facts?  Someone who thinks their judgment is always right, that they know better, and unwilling to accept the other’s certainty?

I do know someone like that who always correct our words and perspective, who are always insisting and imposing her views. Someone who is really, really annoying.

At first, I really couldn’t handle her. I always tend to fight back and tried to torment her just to release my annoyance. It pissed me off every time she says something so we argued a lot and we haven’t talked for almost a month. When the space between us became inevitable, some friends meddled to settle our issues.

To make the story short, we reconciled and we’re good right now. How did we do it? I mean, how did I do it? It takes a lot of courage to understand and to deal with this kind of personality. But to my own peacetime, I have to handle her with caution.

I simply use this approach.

  • Terminate the topic when unsolicited opinions became impolitely insisted or pushing their views for that reason.
  • Change the topic. Sometimes I asked the person about her family or love interests.
  • I tried to get to know the person’s good side so it would be easy for me to show empathy.
  • Don’t take it personally. This really helped me a lot. You just have to understand that their opinions reflect more about themselves than about you.
  • Walk away.  When the dialogues become nerve-racking better leave them away instead of retaliating your anger.

I must admit she still pissed me off at times, but at least now, for some reason, I can handle her well. “Remember you can’t change anyone, but we can change how we act and respond to them. We always have the choice.”




  1. Great post,

    everyone is entitled to my opinion 🙂
    It is great to have opinion, but it is bad to impose that opinion on others. And people simple love to do that.Change the topic, is great way to avoid confrontation


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