This Ajumma (Lady) started to piss me off, actually, I am so upset with her right now! I could really send her a long, nasty message, but I chose not to. I hate getting mad or having troubles to someone with money issues, for me it’s cheap and ugly. But now, I just couldn’t help it, she really irritates me.

This Ajumma borrowed cash from me without hesitation and I arranged it with no doubt. She badly needed it and since I had some extra in my pocket, I lent her some of my few bucks.

Unfortunately, until now, she didn’t pay me back (months passed) She has a lot of excuses why she couldn’t pay. I don’t believe her anymore and the way she explained seemed that she will be in trouble (as per her budget) if she’ll give back the money to me. So it’s my fault now?

Some people might say “forget it, it’s just a money” But hey, I didn’t pick that cash from the street, I worked for it and earned it with my own sweat.

This is not my first-time experience, but I hope will be my last. Why should I keep trusting people, despite this awful reality? and why some people don’t have a shame?  With all honesty, I also borrowed money and I make it sure to return it. If I couldn’t pay on time, I informed them in advance and make a proper arrangement, this is the least I can do to someone who had helped me in my trouble.

Let us always be reminded that when you borrow money and didn’t return it intentionally, never think that your finances will be better, it would never be. Oh, did I just curse?  What I mean is, let’s be responsible enough of our doing and promises. It is so disgraceful if people find out how untrustworthy you are.



  1. Ugh yan yung mga klase ng tao na ang sarap saktan. Kaya ako sige papahiramin kita…pero hindi yung amount na gusto mo. Yung amount na gusto ko lang. Pero kahit na gaano kaliit yung pera kasi, pera pa din yun. At sobrang nakakainis kapag ikaw pa yung masama pag naninigil. Wow diba! 😐

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