I CAN SPEAK (K-movie- 2017)


Civil Servant Park Min-Jae (Lee Je-Hoon) gets transferred to a new district in Seoul. He is a young man of principle and diligent at his job. At his new ward office, Park Min-Jae gets inundated with civil complaints by grumpy, elderly resident Na Ok-Boom (Na Moon-Hee). He tries to appease her as best as he can. Meanwhile, Na Ok-Boom practices English when she’s not working at her tailor shop or filing complaints at the local ward office. When she realizes Park Min-Jae can speak English almost fluently, she asks him to teach her to speak English. She has her reasons why she wants to speaks English.

Why does she need to speak English? What importance does the English language hold in her life?

Why he has to teach her?

What is their story? Well, the plot reminds us of the past which should not be forgotten.

This movie blends warmly with comedic. The surprising twist reached the story deeper which you will never expect. It will crack your heart and empathize the character. I highly recommend this drama to be seen by everyone.

Verdict: 10/10


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