Wear the Crown of Solidarity and Faith

Oh, Corona Virus, what have you done to us?

I received a message from my Father saying I need to go back to the Philippines before the end of the world separates us forever. I jokingly replied that all the flights have been suspended already, though it was true. But if I could, why not?

What makes you think of our situation right now? People are dying, our health situations are at risk, health workers are tired. Business chains are in disarray, employees are forced not to work but unpaid. What can we do in the midst of this epidemic, where we keep on whining, taking advantage of the situations, and become troubled and selfish?

To whom we are going to blame these devastating events? To China? to the bats? to each of our government? to ourselves? God knows.

I must admit I’m quite terrified of what is Corona Virus shows us, not only to myself but also to my family who is far away from me. I am distraught to learn the numbers of cases from all over the world. I could just offer my silent prayer.

I hope we will remain to believe that all this shall pass, that God will never abandon us. That we all be aware of the reality, that we need to wear the crown of Solidarity and Faith. Enough for blaming, enough for hatred.

Help us, God. Heal the world.










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