US and THEM (C-Movie)

Two strangers meet on a train and form a bond that evolves over the years. After a separation, they reconnect and reflect on their love for each other.

I’m not really a fan of Chinese movie, but I admit this one brings a roller coaster of emotions, a bittersweet relationship that you couldn’t help but think the times you’ve had with your exes, or who you were with. I know the plot is quite ordinary, but the portrayal’s are raw and honest, especially showing the other side of Beijing made it more real and evident.

Our life is packed of “what if’s” because we made some decisions that we regret by and by. “If I got on the train that day, if I had not decided hastily, if I was not overwhelmed by my feelings, things might be different.” We imagine what life it could be, but we all know, there is no turning back. Us and Them bears the message that whatever accord we made to our lives, we will be all right.

I also like the relationship showed between the son and father. It makes me want to go home and see my family. Indeed, we should not take for granted those people around us. Let’s do what it takes not to make them feel lonely.

It’s my first time to see the main cast acting and I would say, they gave justice to the characters. They’re cute together and the chemistry is palpable. However, I am just not appeased with the female lead’s life as it was not presented thoroughly. Even with, this movie is worth watching for with a good balance of romance, dreams, regrets and family.

Verdict: 9/10

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