Be grateful what you wish for – you may get it.

Since I started working this year, I have complained about being exhausted at work. My stress began to creep up on me, and I longed for a break. Unfortunately! I got sick after a few days with covid 19 positive.  As my friend put it, I got what I wished for.  

It’s not the kind of break I wanted. It was a dream I had, when I imagined sending my email “out of office”, traveling to a completely different place, and taking care of myself rather than shirking responsibilities. Sadly, I am in quarantine and both of my PCR tests are still positive.

Well, as if I can do anything about it, I’m savoring the moment of staying home, sleeping without an alarm clock and trying to regain my strength. This would be enough, for now.

The next time you wish for something, please be more specific!   

Take care everyone.


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