I am going to Boracay with my two girlfriends Dimple and Tzardy, and with my son James. Our flight bound to Cebu from Davao City is exactly 9:15 am and from Cebu to Caticlan is 2:00 pm. I know it would be a long trip and time waiting but who cares? We’re just too excited to feel about that.


“Not all those who wander are lost.”

10247209_10152337705334732_4717227742054913910_n        1939732_10152337704884732_1343703769902479679_n

     Davao City Domestic Airport (Flight to Davao-Cebu)                   Airline: Cebu Pacific

10247209_10152337705294732_4351533482635622454_n                1798178_10152337704899732_8376735786539031884_n


Dimple & James. We took some pictures while waiting for one friend. 

10250164_10152327634704732_2122591538787149597_n                    10247240_10152327635329732_1797253003119672676_n


Enjoying the flight with them.

1558401_10152337706109732_1432850438707215032_n    10155754_10152337705644732_8621669307757795561_n

   Touch down Cebu airport.


 Had our first lunch together.

1536570_10152337706569732_6342676362048825112_n         10255800_10152337706629732_5438181882794506391_n

Touch down Caticlan airport!  After in the airport, you have to take a TRICYCLE going to ferry boat station.

       10001357_10152337706899732_3107408031143924314_n      1609917_10152337706649732_58583370097832678_n

When you reach the place, you need to pay first all the fees like the terminal & environmental fee.

                10153729_10152337707024732_4517256812273683435_n            1959484_10152337707159732_7676921317116247310_n

Reaching inside you will be guided by several people and signed to understand where you are heading.

1606995_10152337707334732_916803057425930527_n         1506544_10152337707454732_3430625193063253360_n

This port provides a number of boat rides to the Cagban Port from where Boracay is just a few minutes away and can be reached by a tricycle.


Inside the ferry boat.


This will take you to your reserved hotel.


Finally! safe and sound we reached Casa de Apartelle where we will stay for 4 days & 3 nights. The room is enough for the 4 of us with free breakfast and helpful staff around.

We are so excited!!!

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