PENINSULA (K-movie 2020)

Set 4 years after movie “Train To Busan.” People on the Korean peninsula, who have survived from ruin, struggle to survive.

To avoid disappointment (from some people’s reviews), don’t compare this movie from Train to Busan (again) because I haven’t found any continuation of the previous story, obviously, they have a different league. However, the Peninsula has its own taste of survival games that evolved into action and the sanity of those people who are struggling to be alive.

In fact, I like the action part and the car chasing scenes. I like the crazy idea of human-zombie hunting games, it’s so cruel. Apart from this, the characters are all decent, easy to hate and okay to like. Even so, I find the GCI overblown and noticeable. The zombie’s visual are not that scary anymore in this movie, but the number of them is daunting. In the main, I couldn’t connect emotionally in the story, it seems engaging but at the same time just so-so.

Verdict: 8/10

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