When Kindness Fails

What are you going to do when you don’t like someone, but you have to show compassion and you are trying to practice “acts of kindness”? When you do understand the situation, but it’s getting on your nerve because you feel that soul doesn’t deserve your sympathy. What are you going to do when everyone is going along with “make this person happy” but you truly don’t care?

Since I don’t want this man to be offended with my voluntary impulse and create huge issues for everyone, I just go with the flow. Frankly, Neither to hurt or make this fellow happy is not my intention, I am just simply uncommitted.

I believe kindness is a choice because that is what I am feeling right now. Being kind is not instinctive, it takes time to shape, especially dealing out to someone or something that you hated. But today, I choose to calmly disregard my negative feelings and be a blessing to this individual. It hurts my feelings, but feelings change, right?


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