I miss you like crazy, those times we are simply happy. The love letters, cliché but deep, laughter’s with sunshine beneath our feet.

I miss our crazy times, in love. Secret holding hands, kisses that gave us warmth. I miss our talks, the way you put your phone down, looking at me like a real beauty, loving me just the way I am.

I miss the three words with meaning. Morning to meet, good night to dream, goodbye to see you again.

I miss the two of us in our own world , nobody could ever sees us. The times I believed you will always find me when I am lost.

What happened to both of us now, sitting beside each other with unspoken words of love. Why you have to hurt me, why I can’ t let it go. What made us change.

I miss you like crazy when I can still call your name without pain. I miss the hugs that everything’s be all right.

Now that we are drifting apart, near but far. Cold hands, empty words, absent minded heart. It hurts me most when you are with me, but I am lonely.

It’s hard to break somebody’s hearts, but why it was easy for us.

I miss to love you. I miss you to miss me. There’s no guarantee when, but will be over each other. As for now, let me miss you like crazy until my heart stop breaking.

I miss the old us.



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